Education Support

A truly educated person should be able to discriminate between the right and the wrong and should be able to work for the good. Education should train us to do  thing, it should inculcate in us the right values of life.
From their earlier stage children must be taught the difference between right and wrong, and trained to love & follow what is right  and hate & avoid what is wrong. Such training means the formation of the character on right lines. It's object is to bring children up in such a way that they will grow up to be truth loving, honest, brave, pure minded and unselfish men and women.

Vivekananda Kendra runs 28 vidyalayas- 18 in Arunachal, 5 in Assam, 2 in TamilNadu, and Andaman. There are nearly 10000 students in these vidhyalayas.There are 433 students (53 in KanyaKumari, 78 in Valliyur, 221 in Thoothukudi, 39 in Ramanad, 42 in Aruppukottai ) studied with the help of VivekanandaKendra RuralDevelopmentProgramme.

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