Pre-Primary Schools

A child in growing up, may meet and learn from different kinds of disciplines. The most important is what we might call the discipline of Nature or of Reality. When he is trying to do something real, if he does the wrong thing or doesn't do the right one, he doesn't get the result, he wants. A child meets this kind of discipline every time he tries to do something, which is why it is so important in school to give children more chances to do things, instead of just reading or listening to someone talk.

Under the Rural Development Programme Kendra runs 75 balwadis or pre-primary schools, in the districts of KanyaKumari(23), Tirunelveli(19). Thoothukudi(17) and Ramanathapuram(16). Each school has two Kendra-trained teachers and one Aaya for cooking meals for the children. Above 2500 children in our schools learn with prayers, stories and games.
Based on our culture they receive expert approved nutritious lunch. The schools have a number of teaching aids and scientifically designed toys. Periodical medical check-up and monitoring of the children are the specialties of the schools.

The community participation in these school programmes is heart warmed indeed. All the schools function in building donated by the community. A number of new buildings come-up symbolizing the collective will of the villagers. Parent-Teachers meetings are conducted very often.

Vivekananda Jeyanthi Day, Universal Brotherhood Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Geetha Jeyanthi Day and other important days are celebrated in the villages. No function or temple festival in these villages is complete without the local pre-primary school children presenting songs, stories or skits.
Through 75 PrePrimary Schools, 1998 rural children were nurtured. In the schools, Malt, Hygienically prepared highly nutritive lunch were served with vegetables and evening vitamin rich cereals were provided to the children.
Chanting of Sri Rama Jeya Rama Mantra will be held during Deepa Pooja, Shivalinga Pooja and also during all monthly meetings by PrePrimary school teachers, childrens, Cultural class students and workers. Every month nearly 3,16,250 times mantras were chanted in 125 localities.