Saturday 15 March 2014

Anna Pooja

Hunger is the most important instinct in man. As a matter of fact, it is the propelling energy of his life. There must be some hunger in every individual, for, even a gross hunger will gradually lead him to higher kind of hunger. A person without any hunger whatsoever is a dangerous creature in the society. A man must always be striving for something. An individual’s highest desire may for the time being, appear most insignificant to others, but he moves heaven and earth to achieve the same. People may strive for affluence, power, position and what not. Let them strive for the fulfillment of these desires for they are sure to go higher. It is a natural process and must happen. Thus hunger is a crucial factor in man’s progress.

To encourage the common man to make a small sacrifice for others, the Kendra has initiated the Amrit Surabhi scheme. Cloth bags bearing the message of prayer for the welfare of humanity have been given to many families. The family members place a handful of rice in the back every day. The rice is collected every month for our service activities.

Two major Anna Pujas are conducted on Tamil New Year Day and Swamiji's Samathi Day. On these occasions, large quantity of rice collected by two special drives, are heaped together and worship is offered to Annapurna Devi by a very large gathering of rural development workers and the general public. The rice is distributed to various activity centres like pre-primary schools for use.

On 19.12.2009 Sri Saradha Jeyanthi Day Anna Pooja was celebrated at Paramakudi in Ramanathapuram district in which 7,570 Kg. rice were collected. And also Anna Pooja was celebrated Aruppukottai in Virudhunagar district on 11.12.2009 in Periyanayakipuram and 18.12.2009 in Palavanatham in which 1,050 Kg rice were collected.

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