Saturday 15 March 2014

Work Opportunities

Thus we need not learn the art and the science of organization newly from anybody else, as it was originated and set in motion by our foreseeing forefathers in the most perfect and ideal manner, but we have forgotten it. It is our own precious heritage presented in the new fashion by the West. We have unfortunately, through the blind and irrational following of others, lost the technique of coming together and working together for the furtherance of a sacred cause.

One outstanding feature of our organization is that it is a Non-Sannyasi or Lay-Order. Progressively the life-worker cultivates and develops renunciation through steady efforts. He has left his personal attachments for his near and dear relatives and friends to extent that he is lost to every one of them. He gives a training to himself as well as to his near or dear ones, so that they also forget him in due course.
People must feel on critical scrutiny that the moral rectitude and the essential attitude of a Sannyasi towards life are equally present in the worker. We call our order a Non-Sannyasi Order and not a household as well as Sannyasi order. Taking into consideration the strength and capacity of an individual, he has done the maximum renunciation within his reach. He takes three vows (i) Shuchita( or purity, and not of celibacy necessarily) (ii) Aparigraha or non-possession, the guiding star of a life either married or celibate; and (iii) implicit obedience to the organization, a resolution of mind to follow rules, regulations, policy etc. of the organization most rigorously.

Calling Young men and women with an urge for spiritually oriented social service.
If you are a Graduate or higher secondary passed with experience in any trade or technical profession, below thirty years (this may be relaxed), free from family encumbrances, and willing to remain unmarried for at least five years, satisfied with simple living and ready to serve anywhere in India.It is not a salaried job, but provides ample scope for one’s own unfoldment in national interest.

You can serve our Bharat Through Vivekananda Kendra   by
•    Becoming a Life Patron/Perpetual Patron.
•    Donating generously for any of our Projects.
•    Enrolling your friends as Patrons.
•    Subscribing to our Journals.
•    Purchasing our publications, Greeting Cards, Calendars and Diaries.
•    Enlisting to your friends as participants in our Spiritual Retreats.
•    Contacting our nearest Branch Centre and involving in the activities there.
•    Offering your self as a KaryaKarta of Vivekananda Kendra.
•    Motivating qualified young men/women to work as teachers in our schools in ArunachalPradesh/Assam.
•    Sponsoring the educational expenses of needy children studying in our schools in the North-East.
•    Contributing to the “Mid-Sea Monument Renovation Project”.
•    Motivating young men and women to join as Seva Vrati/Jeevan Vrati.

You can serve humanity through the man-making and nation-building projects in education, culture and sustainable development and branches spread over all India. Come, dedicate yourself for the service of the nation as a full-time worker. It is not a carrier-but a mission, your yogashema-well being-would be taken care of by the Kendra.

Come, Join Vivekananda Kendra,
A Non-Sannyasi Order of Seva-Vrati/Jeevan-Vrati

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