Saturday 15 March 2014

Vivekananda Academy Of Cultural Studies (VACS) - Camp

To promote an awareness of our noble heritage, to encourage patriotic fervour and to motivate a spirit of sacrifice and service, students of higher secondary classes and colleges are invited to participate in competitive written examinations.

Books on our epics, history, great men, etc. are prescribed and distributed through educational institutions for this purpose. There is very good response from the students.

About 300 girls and 100 boys who have obtained very high marks are selected and invited to attend four days residential camps. This programme is very popular and students even from professional colleges and post graduate students appear for the examination.

One day camp was held at Pandalkudi in Virudhunagar district and 76 students were participated. Personalty Development Camp was held at Valliyoor in two places and 144 students were participated.

Exam Books for High School Students
XI th (Tamil) - Narguna Nayagar Swami Vivekanandar
XI th (English) - Swami Vivekananda His Life and Legacy
XII th (Tamil) - Sri Saradha Deivamum Thozhutha Devi
XII th (English) - Sri RamaKrishna His Life and Teaching

Exam Books for Graduates
I Year(Tamil) - Desiya Kaviyam Ramayanam
I Year(English) - The Ramayana Our National Epic
II Year(Tamil) - Bharatha Panbadu
II Year(English) - Indian Culture
III Year(Tamil) - Ilanjargalin Idaya Veerar Swami Vivekanandar
III Year(English) - Swami Vivekananda Hero for Indian Youth

Exam Books for Post Graduates
I Year(Tamil) - Kumari Munaiyil Vivekanandar
I Year(English) - Swami Vivekanandar At Kanyakumari
II Year(Tamil) - Sri RamaKrishnar Iraiarulin Nirainilai
II Year(English)- My India the India Eternal

Exam Book for Above Post Graduates
Yezhumin Vizhimin

In camp we conduct  Yoga classes eightfold disciplines of Sage Patanjali
•    Yama- Way of life or general discipline.
•    Niyama- A Special or particular self-discipline.
•    Aasana- Posture.
•    Praanayaama- Control of breadth and vital functions.
•    Pratyahaara- Self-withdrawal or detachment.
•    Dhaarana- Concentration
•    Dhyaana- Meditation
•    Samaadhi- Super consciousness and complete enlightenment and merging with the Creator.

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