Saturday 15 March 2014

Women's Actitivies

"Women is the builder and moulder of a nation's destiny",(Rabindranath Tagore).According to Gandhiji, "Women is the incarnation of Ahimsa". In Rig Veda, a married woman was treated as an equal partner in the family's life and was considered more as a companion of her husband than as his servant or subordinate. In other words, Indian tradition has been characterized by a deep respect and regard for womanhood.

A woman should be in the nature of a university that trains younger generations. It is this ideal that must be at the bottom of every action tending to improve the lot of women. Though their condition at the present time is thousands of times better than it was earlier much more has to be done. A larger percentage of women must be educated and made to realize that they too should and can work for the development of the nation, standing shoulder to shoulder with men on a footing of equality without however forgetting that on such an effort they still retain the traditional ideals of Indian womanhood of modesty, virtue, peace, fortitude and sacrifice.
Under Rural Development Programme Kendra runs 4 Tailoring Units, in the districts of Kanyakumari(2), Tirunelveli (Valliyoor-2) to train girls in Tailoring. So far above 1000 girls have been trained and they are self-employed.

Programmes for women and children include Deepa Poojas and bhajan Mandalies. 25 to 30 women gather every month in a local temple and worship lighted lamps as a symbol of Devi and pray for community welfare. The role of women in the society explained to them during these functions. Stories on great women of India are also told.Every month these programmes take place in 300 places involving 7500 rural women.
Village level Deepa Poojas were organized in 245 temples with 9715 women participants, who offered their prayers to God for the welfare of all people. 80 women are serving in 4 Self Help Groups in Kanyakumari district. Four Tailoring units are functioning in Kanyakumari, tirunelveli districts and total attendance is 28.

Shivalinga Poojas were conducted at two places in Kanyakumari didtricts and 112 members participated. Durga Pooja was conducted in Peyankuzhi at Kanyakumari district, and 37 women worshiped in Devi Pooja. On 25.12.2009, 1008 Deepa Pooja was held at Thoothukudi 739 women participated from 30  villages.

The places for celebrating Deepa Poojas
April 04Ottapidaram
April 18Nayinarkovil
April 25Kovilpatti
May 02Shenkottai
May 09Kanyakumari
May 16/23Tiruchendur
May 30Sankarankovil
June 06Aruppukottai
June 13Ambasamuthram
June 20Thirupullani
June 29Uthirakosamangai

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