Saturday 15 March 2014

Youth Programmes

India is almost a continent with manifold social problems hence, a habit of social welfare work is to be created in the people. To acheive such an end in view training in this sort of work will have to be imparted right from the school stage. Even the school students should know the importance of social welfare work and also their role on it.

Students are ever a great force in any country and history tells us about their achievements. Their role in social welfare work is a very important one and the leaders of our country have only to mobilize this dynamic power for the public good.

The Kendra has trained social workers both men and women to work among the youth. These social workers conduct regular youth camps, mountaineering expeditions, padayatras, cycle trips and sports etc. in a bid to wean young men and women from idle pursuits, separate residential youth camps are conducted regularly in the villages.25 to 30 youth assemble in temples for camps of 4 days duration. Here the youth are acquainted with different aspects of our national culture and in addition, they contribute 3 hours of solid shramdan every day.

The service activities rendered in the camps include, cleaning of temples, drinking water tanks, laying roads and playgrounds., etc. Encouraged by the success of these youth camps the Kendra has started 3 days residential camps for personality development for children.

Human life is a combination of time and energy. You must refuse to be a slave of circumstances. You must create circumstances. Time at your disposal is very short. There are hundreds of Arts and Sciences; we cannot even think of them, leave alone the idea of even knowing them and much less the idea of mastering them. Life is short and knowledge is vast. So we must choose the proper mission and utilize the whole life for it. “One life, one mission” should be the ideal. There are a number of attractive things in life, but if they do not fit in with the master-plan that we prepare for the accomplishment of the mission , we must refuse them, however good they may be. Thus, we must possess the discrimination of selection and election in life.

Yoga Varga is being conducted in four places at Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi, Ramanathapuram, & Aruppukattai and 164 persons attended. Swadhyaya Varga was organized in Paramakudi  & Aruppukattai and 55 persons participated in it.

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