Saturday 15 March 2014


All the activities require funds on a large scale. Our generous industrial houses, government departments and local donars contribute money and material to the project. A large number of local people participate in this National Yagna, by contributing small amounts of money(Anbu Nidhi and Amrit Surabhi).

Social institutions and organizations have the object of equipping every individual in his own way according to his capacity to make him to reach the goal. Every social organization, lays stress on man-making only, directly or indirectly. Man-making is the most basic of all human efforts. When man is equipped, the society and the nation also becomes fully equipped. “Take care of the pie and the rupee will take care of itself”, says an old proverb. Even if it is nation-building or world-building or international-building, man-making is the fundamental process. Take care of the man and the society takes care of itself. All other arrangements and devices are but secondary.

We must renovate it and try to remove the angularities from our conduct and character which prick others and keep them away from us, thus creating a hindrance in the progress of the society and of the nation. There should be no friction in work and our faces should avoid wrinkles and wryness. Only sweet and lubricant words will bring this old glory back to us again. We have lost many good sciences like the science of organization and to cope with the progress of the world, we are now forced to borrow ideas from others. Let us accept the challenge and march ahead boldly and confidently.

The organization has members and they are of various classes. There are ordinary members, associate members, life members, active members, whole-timers, office bearers and a number of them, according to the requirement of the organization. There is a technique in bringing people together. A mere collection of people is not congenial to the growth of the organization. The individuals must be competent in the sense that they must be physical sound, intellectually equipped and monetarily rich.

As is said in Sanskrit or in most of the Indian languages, they should offer their Tana(body), Mana(mind) and Dhana(wealth) for the propagation of the cause. They must be physically prepared for the exertion and torture, mentally ready to suffer everything and monetarily unhesitating to part with their wealth for translating the noble thought into concrete form. In short, they must totally surrender everything at the altar of the sacred area. The body and the mind together constitute what may be termed as generator plant. It produces energies of various types and they are employed in the various actions. A man works in the factory with his hands. Thus, he employs his physical energy in the work. Another person sitting at the office-table carries on the brain work. He also utilizes his intellectual-mental energy for the action. Thus, the body-mind complex generates energy. This energy is to be employed for the success of the idea.

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