Saturday 15 March 2014


Swamiji has clearly stated that every soul is potentially divine. That power is there within everyone. We are the sons of immortality. Calamities and difficulties will always be there; they demand that we must prove equal to the task. Adversities and difficulties are sent by the Divine power to manifest our faculties and capabilities which have been granted to us. We must channelize them for the proper cause only and never for a wrong cause.

Fearlessness is another superb quality which we lost. Such enormous youth power we have, but it is wastes as our youths are chicken-hearted. They become home sick when they are away from home. There is no sense of adventure. We are terribly afraid of death. The Gita chanting and the Upanishadic recitations that we do are only a remnant of the past glory. We speak of high principle but live just the contrary. Our concepts, believes and faiths move in one direction and our stream of life flows just in the opposite direction. It was the very brave and fearless philosophy of our ancients, but we have forgotten it, and live a pitiable life. We must remember the glorious past of our ancients and must make bold to revive all those ideal virtues and values of life which we have lost and forgotten.

One can work without any self-interest for the betterment of the world. There is no give-and-take; it is impersonal service. But there is one point to be noticed and that is a man renders service for the most part to satisfies his ego. Ego-satisfaction is the urge behind the service. This betterment of the world takes for granted so many things. One of them is that the betterment is according to one’s own ideas. Thuis, it is subjective and the man feels that there are certain flaws or defects in the world created by God and that he is doing the work to set it in order. One’s own ideas are reflected in the service and ego is nourished.

The master organizer is a resourceful and efficient personality.  He encompasses the whole field of activity and gives his colour to the atmosphere. As one lamp lights another, so also he enkindles the flame of work in the workers of the region. How many co-workers he has been able to nurture so far, who can actively participate in the activity, is the measure of his success.

The worker test will be that within the shortest possible time, he has been able to bring together the maximum number of workers to cooperate and share in the work. Our life should not depend upon external things. We have got our inspiration from the eternal source of energy. All other sources are transitory. When we live with this faith we have no death, we are immortal. Difficulties will always be there. We should not be perplexed. No depression in any case. Reach this stage; the sooner the better.

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